5 Reasons For Gifting Your Kids A Metal Detector This Holiday

kids metal detector

How often have you chided your little one for staying glued to the laptop? These days, children prefer playing a virtual game rather than playing outside with other kids. It’s time you bought them a kids metal detector and motivate them to venture out for some fresh air and a daily dose of exercise. There have been reports in www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-42079561 that there have been intriguing treasure discoveries using these detectors.

Surprised? Read ahead to know how a metal detector can contribute the overall health of children.

1. Treasure Hunt Time
The mere mention of finding gold coins or hidden treasures sends a wave of excitement in each of us. If your kids grew up watching pirate movies, this activity will enthrall them. You can join them in their adventurous quest and walk away with gold coins.

Apart from the enticing treasures, this is a novel way to go out and exercise, while they take a break from the glaring computer screens.

2. Learning The Fun Way
Metal detectors are not only about hunting for hidden treasures. You get a good opportunity to learn about the world around, especially when you are digging the earth. You can encounter earthworms and a variety of plants that you didn’t know about.

Heard about a wheat penny? This is a classic coin of the 21st century with a face value of 1 cent. This American coin was minted from the year 1906 to 1956. If you just unearthed a wheat penny, you can add them to your coin collection and learn more about it. It is interesting to note that a 1932 Lincoln coin can be sold for hundred dollars when it is in a good condition. That’s a lot of money you can earn for yourselves.

3. Discover New Places
When you are metal detecting with kids, it is best to look for a place that has other recreational activities onsite, in addition to metal detecting. For instance, you can take your kids to a scenic spot in a park or a beach. This way you will have fun swimming or play beach volleyball, while your kids indulge in treasure hunting.

You can visit new places on the pretext of looking for wheat pennies or coins.

4. Family Time
Apart from coin hunting, metal detecting with your kids has its own set of benefits. You can spend time with your family and bond over the little things that make for such great memories in the future. You can learn more about coins and relics, which make it interesting for your children.

5. Fun Toy
You must buy a metal detector that is easy to operate. There are several varieties that are designed specifically for children. The device can be switched on and a beep sound is made. It is fun for kids to listen to the sounds while they hold the detector in their hands.

You will be surprised to read about the benefits of a metal detector and the immense role it plays in honing your kid’s developmental skills. Next time when you buy this device, you have made a wise decision and your kids will thank you for it.